Where it all begun

Eric Harrison

E-CA (Elite Coaching Academy) was formed by Anthony Filipek in 2006 with the help of a good friend and mentor Eric Harrison. Anthony and Eric's relationship begun at Manchester United centre of excellence, where Anthony was a young boy learning the football game. Eager to learn Anthony regularly attended the sessions Eric held with the famous Youth team and later Class of '92. A relationship between Coach and Player was formed and many years on became a Mentor and Coach relationship 

Elite Coaching Academy

E-CA begun working within schools and nursery groups across Manchester, Delivering weekly football classes to hundreds of children from 18 months up to 11 years. We built a superb reputation and was working closely with local authorities and private day nurseries for more than 5 consecutive years. After this time Head Coach Anthony made a decision to seize work within these settings and solely focus his attention to helping local grass roots football clubs, offering dedicated and professional standard coaching sessions

Football Development

E-CA currently offers profesional coaching classes within local communities. Our aim is to give all children an opportunity to love the game. Offering classes at all levels of ability, for those wanting to use football solely for socializing, making friends and having some fun and those that take football a little more serious, trying to make it to the BIG stage. Our classes are perfect for all. We pride ourselves on being the best around. All our coaches share our core values, philosophy and follow the E-CA syllabus. Head Coach Anthony will oversee every class and session plans. E-CA will always structure and plan around the key principles of football development, Anthony has spent many times learning and gathering knowledge from Eric Harrison to help E-CA reach its full potential